How to Speak more Formal English

Although formal English is most commonly used in writing, there are circumstances in which a formal use of this language is also desirable. English becomes more formal when it is used correctly and in a more complex manner. Grammatical errors and careless word choices are common in spoken English. Fixing mistakes and using creative and[…]

How to deliver a great presentation in English

delivering a professional presentation is always important. At TalkDoit, we give you 10 tips that will help you to impress your audience. 1. THINK ABOUT THE DETAILS IN ADVANCE Giving a presentation in front of an audience is always stressful. Thinking about such details as the location of the presentation, equipment, materials, timing, your appearance[…]

How to write professional emails in English?

Writing clear and precise emails is very important when you communicate to others. At TalkDoIt we teach you how to write better emails. First, start your email with a greeting, it can be formal such as: dear Ronald, dear Mr. Wilson, or informal such as: Hello Steven, Hi Sarah. In business emails you can write[…]

Preguntas Frecuentes

  ¿Debo ser graduado de algún programa de inglés para poder ser usuario de Talkdoit? No, el único requisito para ser usuario de Talkdoit es poder mantener una conversación en inglés. ¿Debo ser una persona con una ´condición asociada a discapacidad para poder ser usuario de Talkdoit? No, cualquier persona, con o sin discapacidad, puede[…]