How to write professional emails in English?

Writing clear and precise emails is very important when you communicate to others. At TalkDoIt we teach you how to write better emails.
First, start your email with a greeting, it can be formal such as: dear Ronald, dear Mr. Wilson, or informal such as: Hello Steven, Hi Sarah.
In business emails you can write a polite line such as: hope you are well or how are you?
These questions, generally, don’t need an answer.
After the greeting, you should explain why you are writing; make this as short as possible.
Start with a simple phrase, like: I’m writing regarding, I wanted to follow up on, or I would like to ask about.
If you need to find a solution for a particular situation, you can use the following phrases: I’m concern about; I need to bring something to attention.
After you introduced why you are writing, you can add more information or details.
Write this new information on a new paragraph; this will make your email easy to read.
When you write an email, you should make clear what you expect the other person to do.
Put your call to action on a new paragraph. You can use phrases such as: pleas, … by tomorrow at the latest, as a matter of urgency you need to …
If you request is less urgent, you can use phrases such as: could you please, I would like you to, I suggest, can you…
If you don’t need a response on the other person, you can use some of the following phrases: this is just to keep you updated, please keep an eye on the situation.
To finish your email, you can use just your name, or some of the following phrases: Regards, best wishes, or kind regards.
Don’t forget that in emails less is more!
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